For ELFemmily

13 + 2 + ELF ✰ ONE

About Woryn


Merry imnida, 19y.o siwon biased Bangapseumnida 🙂

call me woryn, woryn are people who love SUPER JUNIOR. yupz .. 13 +2 course the angel that always make me laugh, cry, smile, sad, and happy. Korean boyband full of immense charm, funny, outgoing, friendly, and do not be shy. but because of that, I’m more in love with them.
ELF is My Family. so let’s get to know each other ^ ^

My Accounts

Facebook: Merry Adiyani Pratiwi

Twitter: @merrymesiwon


me2day: merryme

a little picture of me, not too special, but hopefully I can be special in the eyes of you. pleased to meet with you. 🙂


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